Day 02 – My little Puchitchi girl

Look how cute my daughter is lol

tamagotchi connection V4 Puchitchi girl child sprite character green pink floral blue

I’m very confused about her age still showing zero years. I always assumed that one day equals one Tamagotchi year? Weird.

She turned into a Puchitchi yesterday evening, about an hour before she went to sleep. She’s so cute and already more fun to look at than my old P1 characters. This  V4 is more intricate than my older Tamagotchis, and a lot more work. I’m not sure I’ll have enough spare time to keep this up decently. We’ll see. I still don’t get the mail feature. Every once in a while, she gets mail, and random things start flashing and beeping … and then she looks happy, so that’s good, I guess. lol No idea.

x Lisa

Tamagotchi V4 Round 1 – It’s a girl!

Okay, so I was planning to run my little fake puppy next. But I put new batteries in and nothing happened … See what happens when you don’t buy the real stuff from Bandai! I knew it! I was only a kid back then, but I knew it! Cheap parents. I would love to get it to work though. I remember it being super cute. So, I’ll have to look into it soon. So I put a new battery in my V4 instead …

Tamagotchi V4 connection open back green floral US english version

I never gave this one a proper go. I bought it on a whim in 2007 when nostalgia hit me and my old Tamagotchis were back in Europe at my parent’s house. It was fun for 5 minutes, but I was just so busy at the time, I couldn’t be bothered. Now, I do regret tossing the package when I got it. I had no idea those things would sell for over $50 by now. I looked up my payments archive (God bless Gmail), and found my receipt from 8 years ago lol I paid exactly $23.25 for it. Brand new in sealed packaging.

Like the idiot I am, I even tossed the manual, apparently. So now I had to look up the instructions online. Anyway, here’s my new baby ready to hatch:

Tamagotchi Connection V4 green pink blue floral egg

Tamagotchi Connection V4 green pink floral girl baby

🎀 It’s a girl!!! 🎀
Welcome Bee!

Born May 28th 2015 – 5:22PM 🎈

Tamagotchi Connection V4 name weight age stats screen green pink floral shell design

She’s asleep now, so I’m looking forward to her first full day tomorrow. She already turned into a child right before she went to sleep, but I didn’t get to take a picture. I will do that tomorrow. She’s a lot more demanding than the old P1 version, holy crap. I had to keep feeding her and whatnot. I hope this will get easier with time.

x Lisa

Day 12 – My Ginjirotchi passed away

tamagotchi P1 first version European english dead death angel

Well, it happened, guys. Ginjirotchi called it quits! I took pretty good care of him until the very end, but then I looked away for one hour and by the time I got back, he had turned into an angel. RIP. Oh well, that’s okay. I knew he wasn’t going to evolve into anything else. And it was just the same old routine every day, nothing new or fun to look forward to. So I’m sort of glad that this is over and I can now switch to a different device. Still though, 12 days is a personal record! I’m pretty happy about that.

I’m still not sure which one I will activate next. Maybe I’ll pick one tomorrow!

x Lisa

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